We’re looking for interns who would help us create content for Startup Asylum.

This will be an unpaid gig since as we’re just starting off and there is no revenue (if we get paid, so do you)
– However, you’ll be featured on the blog and given credit for the work you’ve added to (and it won’t be deleted once you’ve left)
– I can help you build your pre-job portfolio and connect you with ad agencies/relevant folk to the best of my ability
– I’ll write you a cool recommendation based on your performance
– I can also make you a cute certificate if it’s something that gets you going
– Most importantly, I’ll train you in some key marketing concepts, and help you become a better writer
– Work hours of course are flexible

Prerequisites: Grammar, Interest in reading, willingness to learn and a sense of humour.
For now applicants need to be from Mumbai and will need to catch up occasionally in a cafe. (Coffee’s on me)