Editor’s note: Hello fellow reader! I’m Shivam, founder of Startup Asylum and basically the writer, designer, developer, social media manager and marketer behind this website. This project has been a fulfilling experience ever since it was just a few notes on my mobile phone. Now, I want to use this medium to empower entrepreneurs to take the leap and do their own thing. How? By helping them bridge the gaps between their ideas and execution.

Now, I can’t give you the money to fund your business, but I can give you the next best thing, my skill-set as a marketer and a writer. I document the advice I give to my brand partners, to help those who can’t hire a marketing expert for their business.

It’s absolutely not a selfless act, though. I get a lot of clients from my readers who like my perspectives and commission me for marketing projects or consultation, due to that I can afford to run this website ad-free. (Yes, I understand the irony of writing ads to keep this space ad-free.)

If you’re looking for brutally honest branding advice, want to bounce off a marketing strategy or just brainstorm, drop me an email here with the subject “Need advice!“, and I’ll do my best to help you out.

If you need to commission my expertise for your business’ marketing initiatives, I can help you in the following departments:

Branding (Identity + Design)

Creative campaigns

Social media management


Web development

Content creation (videos, graphics, text)

Marketing strategy

Pitch presentations

I, along with a trusted group of marketing professionals can help you scale as and when needed.

You can fill this simple form below or drop me an email here with “Commission:” in the subject line.

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